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Arete Stables is a hobby farm with horses, a donkey, and fowl.  We are currently located just outside of West Little Rock, a few miles from the Hwy 10 and Chenal Parkway intersection, near Pinnacle Mountain State Park. 

Visitors are welcome by appointment.  Chicken and duck eggs are available for sale.  We no longer offer riding lessons, birthday parties, or summer camps.

No, we do not offer guided trail rides or have horses for rent. We also do not have any job openings.

US Horses are slaughtered by the thousands every week for human consumption. They are shipped live in cramped semi-trailers to Canada or Mexico to be slaughtered while still semi-concious for Canadian and European diners. Horses are raised as pets and sporting animals, not for food. As such, they are given medications and topicals that are never to be given to food animals. Their meat is toxic if eaten long term. Their conformation (build) is such that they cannot be properly restrained for humane slaughter and the captive bolt gun used often does not full reach the horse's brain, leaving the horse aware while being bled out and slaughtered.

These words do not paint a pretty picture. If you are disgusted by this as much as we are, please visit http://www.StopHorseSlaughter.com to learn more about this issue and what YOU can do to help stop it.

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